9 Things you Should be Doing on Your Salon’s Social Media

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How often have you looked at someone’s hair and thought “oh that’s nice I wonder where he/she had it done”? Quite often, right? Word of mouth and recommendations are the number 1 way that salons gain more clients; this has been the case for many years. But in today’s world of social media, relying on word of mouth is no longer enough. Clients will ask for the salon’s name then immediately search them online to find out more about them. If your social media isn’t showing your brand in good light, you could instantly turn off potential clients.

Being an excellent hairdresser in today’s competitive world is no longer enough; you have to be an outstanding brand manager. So what should your social media say about you? The idea is always to show your salon’s positive attitude, values and beliefs. The best way to engage your audience is to post educational, entertaining and inspirational content that tells your brand story. We’ve put together a list of 9 things you need to post to your salon’s social media.

Before and after pic

This one is a no brainer and most people probably already do it, but it is the top of our list with good reason. Before and after pics are your salon’s portfolio, they show all of the skills you and your staff have, and they show your design, flair and creativity. You should if possible post before and after pics of every client. If it’s not possible for any reason to post every client, your portfolio should show a broad overview of a range of styles and colours. It’s also a good idea to organise your folio into different folders on your social media, such as bobs, layering, redheads, and blondes. This way, customers can go straight to the style they’re looking for and get a good idea of your abilities.

Use your clients content

This is a new age word of mouth idea. User content tends to generate more traffic and leads to more sales than owned content. This is because people tend to trust other people more than businesses, so by asking your clients to tag your salon or use your hashtags, you are tapping into free advertising. Clients are no longer merely paying customers, they are now brand ambassadors, and by giving your salon a shout out and showing off their locks, your salon will receive lots of free marketing.

Quotes and memes

This is some of the most popular and most engaged with content on the internet. People love quotes and memes; they make them laugh, inspire them and offer advice they are always well received. Steer clear of politics and controversial issues, no one wants or needs this from a salon, and it could send the wrong message about your brand and values. Lighthearted inspirational quotes and hairdressing memes are an excellent engager for clients. Think of your brand style and design your quotes and memes to keep with your brand colours so that it is recognisable as yours. A good tip is to post at the same time every day. People will come to expect them.

Introduce your team

Websites that have an about us page always perform better than those who don’t. The same rule applies to social media sites. Giving each member of your team a proper introduction is an excellent way to show your staff they are valued, but it also allows your customers to see that you are proud of your stylists. You could take this even further and have a portfolio folder for each staff member to display the work they’ve done.

Go live

The explosion of TikTok has demonstrated that social media users LOVE video content. The best way to share video content with clients is to go live on social media with “hot to” events or hosting Q and A sessions. If for any reason you can’t go live video posts are the next best thing. Show off your staff at work and life before and after shots or client reactions. You can be as creative as you like with this one, but however you choose to do it one thing is for sure, video content is an absolute must for your business social media.

Promotions and Incentives

Promotions are a great way to encourage people to subscribe to your social media and to book appointments. Limited time offers if you book x, y and z are good incentives for new and existing customers. This is an excellent trick if you have last-minute cancellations and need bums on seats to fill the appointment space. Doing a shout out on social media and offering an incentive is tried and tested to fill last-minute cancellations.

Run competitions

Running competitions tends to get followers very excited, and excited followers are far more likely to engage with your brand. Hosting giveaways or free makeovers are worth their weight in gold for your business and will drive new followers, clients and appointment booking. Don’t forget to post before and after pics of your competition winners.

Use your client reviews

Client reviews are the oxygen of any business, but you don’t have to leave them sitting as reviews. You can use their reviews to create beautiful testimonials that fit your brand style and colour and post these to your social media. Beautifully styled testimonials will engage your customers and look great on your insta feed.

Get involved in local events

Getting involved in local events such as charity events, food bank drives, giveaways etc., is an excellent PR boost for your business. But more than this it gets you seen and known locally as a business with good values that likes to help out, which is brilliant content for your social media. Pick charities and events that you genuinely care about. “Doing it for the gram” can be disingenuous and have the opposite effect to the one you’re trying to achieve.

Final thoughts

However you go about managing your socials, you should always bear in mind that it is so much more than a profile. Your socials are your brand’s voice and promote your values and beliefs. They should shine a positive light on your business, and they should be unified in their look and tone of voice.

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