Day 2


We know we need to be doing more on social media… but what do you actually have to be doing every day to get results? Download the checklist below and discover what you can be doing everyday, week, month and quarter to maximise your channels. Remember, you don’t need to do all of this yourself. Allocate some of these tasks to your team and spread the work load 🙂

Your Free Nail Templates

Here are another 5 Free Social media posts to take you well into January. They’re ready to use or you can change the colours and fonts to suit your brand in Canva. Use the checklist to see how many times you should be posting on your accounts.

Your Social Media Tips

Beginner - Make Use Of Facebook Groups

If your salon doesn’t have a group yet, get one set up. At the moment you only reach around 1% of your audience from your business page. Having a group allows you to not only reach a bigger audience, but you create a sense of community. Welcome new members, share tips and advice but, most of all, ask your audience questions, get to know them and engage. This way you’ll know exactly what their concerns and barriers are as well as what it is that’s stopping them from booking?

Intermediate - Start Using Creator Studio

Creator Studio is where you can get all your content like posts, stories and videos, Your Insights, Inbox as well as creative tools like a Live Dashboard and even a Scheduling Claendar for Instagram… all in one place and it’s a tool from Facebook. 


You can find Creator Studio by going to your Business Page > Publishing Tools (In the left-hand Menu) > Creator Studio. 


Take a look at it, you quickly realise there are solutions in there that’s going to make managing your content, going Live and scheduling SO MUCH easier.

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