Day 3

The Social Content Calendar

Social media is exactly that, it’s social. Having a successful social media all comes down to one thing… entertainment. If we really look at the reason people click that Facebook App on their phone, it’s because they want to be entertained. If your content entertains…then your growth will truly be unstoppable. Download this social content calendar for 30 ideas on how you can entertain your audience. 

Your Free Hair Templates

Here are 5 hair posts you can use on your social media. They’re ready to use or you can change the colours and fonts to suit your brand in Canva. Use these posts, along with the Social Content Calendar to get ideas flooding on how you can entertain your audience. 

Your Social Media Tips

Beginner - Always have a call to action

Always have a call to action in your caption. This doesn’t have to always be buy, buy, buy. This can simply be encouraging them to engage with your post. Here are some examples:


Soft Call To Actions:

What do you think?

Reply today 

Get a free…

Click here for details

Take our…


Encourage bookings:

Call Now

Start your Free Trial 

Call to take advantage of this offer

Satisfaction Guarantee 

Money-Back Guarantee Act Now

Free Shipping

Schedule an appointment today

save on your…

Ready to take the next step?



Intermediate - Think Video

Video is easily the best performing media on social media today. What’s the easiest way to get the greatest reach without putting in too much time? You need to go Live. Going Live will get you 2x the reach of a normal video post. Give it a go and be consistent. You have to do it a couple of times to start getting exciting results. 


Still not convinced Live is for you? That’s fine, but video still needs to be part of your Social Media strategy. Use tools like Ripl or Quik to ending videos time efficiently. Also, take a look at Facebook’s Mobile Studio where they show you some exciting ways you can get started on your video journey. 

PS. If video is your avenue. You need to jump on Instagram Reels on Instagram. Reels will get you unseen growth on your account as they’re still adjusting the algorithm. 

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