Day 4

Monthly Content Planner

Planning prevents poor performance. Use this monthly content plan to focus your goals, set objectives in line with your aim and easily creat content based on your ‘content pillars’. 

Your Free Makeup Templates

Here are your 5 FREE ready to use social media posts.  

Your Social Media Tips

Beginner - Get to know CanvaStart Using Stories

There’s a reason Instagram and Facebook copied Stories off Snapchat…  because they hold peoples attention. So you can have peoples attention if you add to your story regularly. You don’t have to add them every day either. You have tools that allow you to schedule them. Take a look at Later.

Intermediate - Improve your story game

You may already be using stories. If so, here’s how you can do it better: 


  1. Make sure your stories have a beginning middle and end… just like an actual story. For some reason, we like a beginning, middle and end. This format increases engagement, keeps people watching till the end which, in turn, increases your reach. 
  2. Include video. It goes without saying that video is the best performing media on social today. So why not include it in your stories. Remember, the more people watch your stories, the more the algorithm is going to serve it to more people. 

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