Day 5

Weekly Planner

Now let’s get down to the detail. Use this planner to work out what your weekly focus is and what you’re sending out to your audience. Be sure that have all your previous worksheets, planners and checklist for you to compile all your work and start providing value to your clients. 

Your Free Skincare Templates

Kickstart your social media straight away with the following Social media templates. They’re ready to use or, now that you’ve got your crisp branding, you can change the colours and fonts to suit your brand in Canva.

Your Social Media Tips

Beginner - Use Google My Business

Though it’s not technically a social media site, you can still create posts and reach a greater audience. You should treat it as a social media platform. Be consistent with your GMB account and post regularly. Repurpose a post you use on Facebook if you have to. In addition, ensure you’ve got 30+ photos on there and keep adding more each month. Lastly, ensure all your information is up to date. This way you’ll get more reach and visibility… and more clients.  

Intermediate - Evaluate new platforms

Before you do this, ask yourself: Am i spreading myself too thin? Remember, it’s best to double down on one or two platforms than spread your efforts across many. But if you do have the resources to branch into new channels then take a look at the upcoming channels. New channels like Clubhouse, TikTok or older, but less common channels like Pinterest could be an option for considerable reach. 

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