6 Health Benefits of Reflexology

Traditional alternative health remedies are making a comeback, and we’re starting to appreciate and acknowledge our bodies’ needs in order to heal and recover. With all the stress of our daily lives, it’s important to come back to the basics of self-care, and reflexology is a technique rooted in years of experience. What may just seem like a simple foot massage can actually yield an impressive range of benefits for your entire body, and help to nourish and heal. So, if you’re interested in some of the benefits of reflexology, read on to find out more.  

  1. Stress relief and relaxation

The first and most common benefit to reflexology is a sense of stress relief and relaxation that you’ll feel both during and after the session. A massage like this is the perfect way to relax your body anyway, and the use of specific pressure points to target different areas and concerns of the body makes it even more soothing. Not to mention, being on your feet all day can build up tension, and reflexology can release all of this.

  • Improved blood circulation

Your feet are at the very bottom of your body, being the lowest part of your circulatory system, a system in your body which is responsible for transporting blood and oxygen to allow you to move around. The act of massaging the feet and applying pressure in certain areas improves your blood circulation, which allows more oxygen to be transported around your body and allows you to be more active.

  • Boosted immune system

Our immune systems are what our bodies rely on to fight away illness and disease, in order to keep us healthy and allow us to recover from health complications. The receptors that make up our immune system rely on endorphins for optimum performance, and these are released during reflexology, too. This means that your immune system is strengthened and can become even more effective at protecting you and your body from illness.  

  • Relieve headaches and migraines

When it comes to stress, headaches and migraines are the two most common symptoms that we can experience, and they are an example of emotional stress manifesting itself as a physical symptom. However, with a little reflexology, the pressure points targeted will reduce stress and consequently relieve headaches and migraines.

  • Recovering from back problems

Certain pressure points on your feet will relieve pain around your shoulders and back, which is good news for anyone who suffers from back pain. Whether it’s a result of sitting in a chair all day or just from age, you can relieve a cute pain and aches with a little reflexology and improved circulation will also loosen the nerves to relieve pain, too.

  • Improved digestion

Finally, one pressure point found on your feet improves the blood flow to your stomach, a central part of the digestive system. This improves blood circulation will result in improved digestion of food, meaning your body is better nourished by the food you eat.

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