8 Reasons Why Laser Rules the Hair Removal Department

There are so many different methods of hair removal out there, and they work best for different people – perhaps you have one single method that always works for you, so you stick with that. However, while each technique of hair removal comes with its own advantages and disadvantages, you may find that laser hair removal is the best for you. This more modern method comes with so many benefits, and it uses more unusual technology than other methods. So, if you want to find out more about why laser hair removal may be your new favourite treatment, you’re in the right place!

  1. The results last for a longer time
    One of the most frustrating things about most types of hair removal is that the hair seems to start to grow back after even just the next day. Apart from the fact that this is annoying because it seems like that time you spent removing the hair is wasted already, you also end up spending lots more time on the process, in order to keep up with your hair growth. However, if this is something you want to avoid, it’s a big reason why you should consider laser hair removal. Although the results aren’t quite permanent, the treatment should last at least two years before the hair grows back once you’ve attended all necessary sessions.
  2. It works for everyone
    There has previously been some suspicion about whether or not laser hair removal works on darker skin tones, as it wasn’t possible to perform the procedure effectively on these skin tones initially. This was essentially due to the fact that the laser used in the treatment targets melanin in the hair, and the contrast between this and light skin is very prominent, whereas it used to leave white spots and other pigmentation concerns on darker skin. However, technology has since advanced and, as long as your salon is using up-to-date technology, this hair removal method is completely inclusive.
  3. It’s precise
    As briefly mentioned, laser hair removal works by using a concentrated source of particular light (the laser) which is pointed onto one area and targets the melanin found in the hair follicle, which is where the hair grows from. This damages the hair follicle and therefore it can no longer produce hair like it did before, which is why it doesn’t grow back afterwards. Because of the nature of laser hair removal, it’s much more precise than other methods, particularly waxing or sugaring, and the professional has much more control, so you can choose exactly where you’d like the hair to be removed.
  4. You can say goodbye to ingrown hairs
    Every been in the situation when you find a stubborn ingrown hair that you’re reluctant to remove yourself, and don’t know what to do about it? Ingrown hairs are a real pain, and they’re very common in certain places especially, making them almost inevitable when your remove hair. Whether you wax or shave, even by taking every precaution, there’s still the chance of an ingrown hair popping out. However, as the hair doesn’t grow back after a laser hair removal treatment, the same problem won’t occur, and you can say goodbye to ingrown hairs.
  5. You don’t need to grow out hair between appointments
    With most hair removal methods, you have to wait for enough hair to grow back before performing the procedure again, as the tool or product won’t be as effective, or even work at all, if the hair is too short. In turn, this means that you need to grow out the hair between appointments, and so you’ll have to hold onto the hair on your body in the days leading up to the next appointment. However, laser hair removal, once again, is very different to these treatments, and only targets the hair follicles, which remain there whether your hair is long or short. So, in between your first few laser appointments, you can still shave or wax to keep the hair at bay.
  6. There’s no need to worry about snags
    Snagging the skin is another problem many people face when it comes to some of the most popular hair removal methods. Namely, shaving is known to potentially snag or cut the skin, or even leave razor burn if your hand slips a little, or your technique is off. Other methods can also leave irritation and other types of burns or rashes on the skin, too, especially if you’re doing them yourself, and this is something which everyone wants to stay clear of. Luckily, laser hair removal eliminates this problem, too.
  7. It doesn’t take very long
    Many people seem to think that laser hair removal appointments can take a very long time and, while they aren’t exactly a step in, step straight out situation, they don’t take as long as you might think. Although the machine uses precise technology on each hair follicle, this takes a very short amount of time, and can even target a few follicles at a time. For smaller areas of the body, you can expect it to take from around 20 minutes per session, and something more like an hour for areas like the legs and even the full body.
  8. It works out cheaper in the long term
    If you’ve ever looked into getting laser hair removal before, you may have been a little offput by the price, as it is more expensive than other methods, but this is only the price for an appointment, and you should think about the overall cost. When you compare it to, say regular waxing sessions in a salon for the same period of time as the results will last, you’ll discover that it actually works out much cheaper, as you only need 3-8 sessions before the results are present.

Final thoughts
It’s easy to see that laser hair removal is clearly the way to go. Why wouldn’t you want to get all of these benefits? Your hair removal, while its not essential, should be something that works for you, and laser hair removal will probably be much more convenient and valuable to your lifestyle, whether you’re already busy or are just looking to spend less time on other hair removal methods.

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