9 Things You Should Know Before Trying Microblading

Microblading can be a very exciting treatment for many people, and it can leave your morning makeup routine looking much faster as you don’t need to spend ages filling your brows. However, being a new process, there are lots of things that aren’t spoken about very often, and this can leave lots of uncertainty around the topic. If you’re considering trying microblading, it’s a great choice, but there are some things you should be aware of, so you know exactly what to expect. If you’re unsure of what the experience will be like, and you don’t know if this will be suitable for you, here are nine things you should know before trying microblading.

  1. It will scab in the beginning
    Many people go into the microblading process expecting to have the perfect, dream eyebrows instantly and effortlessly, but the treatment does come along with a few different stages. One of these first stages is scabbing, and this is because microblading does involve injecting small amounts of pigment into your skin, so there is essentially a wound. Don’t stress about this once it does occur, as it won’t last very long, and is completely natural – just make sure that you don’t pick at the scabbing.
  2. The colour may fade at first, but don’t panic!
    Another stage of the microblading process involves the pigment fading, and this can also be a little worrying for some, as it can seem like there isn’t the right amount of pigment present. However, just like the previous scabbing stage, this will only last a few days, and you’ll see a big difference afterwards, as the colour appears just as you like it.
  3. You’ll need to prepare for your appointment
    Just like many aesthetic processes, microblading does require some preparation in advance, and you’ll need to adhere to the advice given if you want the treatment to go as planned. There are a few things to be aware of (such as not drinking coffee that day) which may seem a little absurd but trust the process and you’ll come out with perfect brows like never before.
  4. You can expect it to last a long time
    Microblading is permanent makeup, and it gets this name for a reason – the pigment will last for a very long time and save you lots of time in your everyday makeup routine. Assuming you have visited a trustworthy salon and have received the treatment by a qualified profession, using the correct products, you can expect the microblading to last around 18 months to 2 years, and this will vary slightly depending on the pigment as well as your skin type, before it fades. Obviously, you can always go back to your salon after this time to have the process all over again if you’d like to keep your brows microbladed as they were before!
  5. There will be a little pain
    Although a microblading session essentially replaces the daily ritual of applying a brow product, it is permanent makeup, so the application techniques are very different. Instead, microblading is more like a tattoo, and so you can expect a little pain to come from it, as the process involves needles, but it won’t be unbearable or excruciating.
  6. Microblading is different to microshading
    Another popular style of permanent makeup is microshading, which you may also have seen before, but you should be aware that the two are very different in their styles. While they’re both for your brows, microblading gives you a natural, hair-like effect to make your brows fuller, while microshading is a gradual makeup that gives your brows an ombre effect, like using a pomade. The choice is yours, but one process may suit you and your needs better than the other!
  7. Microblading doesn’t ruin your natural eyebrows
    Because microblading is permanent makeup, many people assume that it will completely destroy your natural eyebrows and leave you with a mess, making it a decision that’s impossible to alter once you’ve had it done. However, this isn’t the case, and microblading doesn’t ruin your natural eyebrows. As mentioned, the pigment will fade after anywhere around 18-24 months, depending on your technician’s expertise and the strength of the pigment, but you can always decide to give your brows a break after this window. If this is the case, you’ll be happy to hear that microblading doesn’t stop the brow hairs from growing, and so you can go back to the brows you were born with.
  8. Your microblading requires a top-up session
    Many people aren’t aware of the top-up session which is required when they first have their microblading done, and it’s a very important step to the entire process, if you want to see the best results. Of course, your salon won’t omit this information once you do go to get it done, but it’s something that’s good to be aware of, and useful when it comes to planning in advance. There are lots of benefits that come from having this top-up session, and it will take place around 6-8 weeks after the initial treatment.
  9. The colour will suit you
    In makeup, one of the biggest problems that people make when it comes to filling their brows is choosing the wrong colour. While it can look a little odd, it’s not a great problem, as it’s easy to remove some pomade from your brow, purchase another shade, and try again. However, with microblading, it’s not quite as easy, and a makeup wipe won’t do the trick. Luckily, you can be sure that the colour will suit you. Most technicians use a specific colour chart, which will factor in your hair colour, skin tone and produce the perfect pigment for your natural features. And, during the top-up session mentioned earlier, your technician will also go in to make sure that the pigment is perfect and can always modify it a little if needed or desired!

Final thoughts
As shown above, there are lots of things worth knowing before you have your eyebrows microbladed, but one of the most important things to keep in mind is that the process will be very easy as long as you’re visiting a trusted professional. There’s no need to stress about these things, and the technician will inform you of any crucial information both before and during the appointment, so you’ll feel assured. Happy microblading!

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