Common Footcare Problems: Tips for Healthy Feet

Taking care of our feet is something many of us don’t give enough of our attention to, especially since we’re walking around on them all day, and they’re constantly carrying all our weight. For many people, feet can be an insecurity, or maybe they just don’t like their feet, and it can be for many reasons. However, with good feet hygiene and care, you can have the most gorgeous feet you could ever dream of. So, read on to find out what you can do before flaunting your feet in those new sandals.

Wash your feet daily
Although this probably comes with no shock, washing your feet every day is essential if you’re looking to keep your feet healthy and clean. When we’re walking around on our feet every day, it’s no secret that they can get dirty and sweaty very quickly, and so it’s vital that we remember to wash them regularly as the first step to any footcare regime or routine.

When you’re washing your feet, all you need is some warm water and soap, and simply wet your feet, before massaging the soap into them, remembering to go in between the toes, and rinse.

Inspect your feet for problems
While you may take good care of your feet and do what you can to prevent and complications arising, it’s inevitable that you may have a problem here and there, so it’s good to be prepared for this, and know what to do.

One of the first things you should do is examine your feet while they’re healthy, so you know exactly what they should look like, and feel like, and can easily notice anything abnormal. It may also be handy to keep a mini pre-made kit in your bathroom containing some of the most common treatments in so they’re at hand when you need them. Treat any problems as soon as you notice them to keep your feet healthy.

Properly trim your toenails
You may be a fan of a good pedicure, or perhaps you just like to paint your toenails yourself but taking care of your feet doesn’t necessarily go quite so far. Nevertheless, it’s important that your toenails are trimmed so they don’t end up breaking off or causing ingrown toenails, which can be very frustrating.

Simply trim your toenails straight across, and don’t allow them to grow any longer than the tip of toe. And if you’d like, you can always add some coloured polish on top.

Frequently change your shoes and socks
Similar to the idea of cleaning your feet regularly, as we mentioned earlier, changing your shoes and socks frequently is also necessary, and it’ll keep your feet much cleaner during the day. Of course, you should wash your socks every day, after you’ve worn them, and it can also be good to wash your shoes or freshen them up inside, if possible.

Wear shoes when showering in public
Although you may not be showering in public very often, communal showers in swimming pools, water parks, hotels and other locations are always being used by everyone, and this can be a huge breeding ground for many bacteria. If one person has a verruca on their foot and steps on the floor, they’ll likely transform some of those germs, and you can pick them up with your foot, and be left with a verruca.

To avoid situations like these, when you’re in a public showering area, wear some sort of sandals or shower shoes so your feet don’t touch the ground directly, and you can keep away any nasty germs.

Make sure your shoes fit properly
One of the biggest factors that plays into the health of your feet is the shoes you wear, and this can make a particularly large difference if they’re shoes you tend to wear every day, such as for work or school. When buying your shoes, you should make sure they fit, and try them on if possible, to ensure the backs don’t rub, the shoes is wide enough, and your toes have enough room in the front.

If you’ve grown out of a pair of shoes, or they seem to have shrunken, you should stop wearing them as this can create blisters and other problems, as well as discomfort when wearing them. The same goes if your shoes have been damaged and no longer fit as they should and have perhaps lost their supportiveness.

Wear footwear with breathable materials
As well as finding a pair of shoes that fit you well and offer plenty of support, you need to find shoes that also offer breathability, as this will keep your feet much cleaner inside the shoe. When your feet are constantly sweating inside your shoes, you need a material which wicks this sweat and removes it from your feet, as the longer it’s on your feet, the dirtier your feet get, and the higher risk you’re at of causing a foot complication.

Trainers are a good example of shoes made from breathable materials, and it’s worth investing in a good pair that will be effective at removing sweat and keeping your feet dry, as this problem is more apparent during exercise. However, you should still look for other breathable materials on shoes such as your work shoes.

File hard, dry skin away
Although this may seem more like an aesthetics problem, filing hard, dry skin away from your feet is important if you want to keep them healthy and hygienic. Naturally, hard skin can build up on our feet in response to many different factors, and it’s good to start removing it as soon as you notice it, as this will make it easier to work with.

You have many options when it comes to removing the dead skin from your feet, and the most common include a foot file or pumice stone. Either of these options are advised, and they can be used whilst your feet are wet, as that makes the flake off more willingly.

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