How to Find The Right Pedicure Treatment for You

There are so many ways to implement self-care into your regular routine and getting a pedicure every so often is a great way to do this. Not only do they offer benefits regarding your feet, and the appearance of them, but they can also be a great way to unwind and destress for an hour or two.

There are many different specialty pedicures out there, with different processes and procedures suitable for treating different concerns and issues. If you want to find out more about the world of foot care, and how to find the right pedicure for you, keep reading.

Classic pedicure

The first type of pedicure on this list is the classic pedicure, a treatment which you’re probably familiar with already, as it’s a staple in many peoples’ beauty routines, and most people have experienced the classic pedicure before. Of all types of pedicures, this is the most basic, but that’s not to say it isn’t effective, as the classic pedicure may be the perfect treatment for you.

The process begins by soaking your feet in a bath of warm water, where they are massaged, exfoliated, moisturised and more by your technician. Here, the professional will do everything they can to give you smooth, baby soft skin on your feet and lower legs (including the soles of your feet and your heels). They may also use tools such as blades to remove particularly stubborn areas of dry or hard skin.

This is followed by cutting, filing, and shaping the toenails and usually then painting them in a colour polish of your choice.

The classic pedicure is a very secure option, and it’s suitable for anyone, as its main goal is maintaining good hygiene in your feet and keeping your skin soft and smooth. The duration between each pedicure is up to you, however the polish will usually last about a week or two before it begins to chip and wear off of your nails.

French pedicure

While the classic pedicure is a simple, easy option for anyone who just wants to freshen up their feet, the French pedicure is a very similar alternative, and it just comes with a small twist.

In terms of the preparation and footcare itself, the entire process is identical to that of a classic pedicure. The only difference when it comes to a French pedicure is the nail polish. Rather than having a regular polish as you would in a classic pedicure, a French pedicure involves, well, a French pedicure design.

You’re probably familiar with the classic French manicure, with its signature light pink base and white tips, and the French pedicure is exactly the same, just on your toes. It’s a good option for anyone who wants a more understated yet clean look and can be a very stylish design that’ll go perfectly with any outfit when you’re wearing sandals.

Gel pedicure

For those looking for a slight improvement on their regular classic pedicure, the gel pedicure may be the one for you. Once again, the preparative steps, including the massaging, exfoliating, trimming, and shaping, all remain the same as the classic pedicure. The twist this time? This polish is gel polish.

If you’re not aware of what gel nail polish is, it’s a type of polish which comes in every colour you can imagine, just like regular polish, but it’s cured using a UV lamp. The main difference between gel polish and regular polish is that gel polish is more durable, so it’ll last longer between appointments. This does make it slightly more expensive, but it’s worth it if you plan to go to the salon less regularly.

Spa pedicure

Next up, the spa pedicure is, as you’d expect, yet another upgrade to the classic pedicure, with the addition of multiple different treatments, depending on the spa you visit. When it comes to a spa pedicure, you can be sure that your feet will feel totally replenished and rejuvenated after the treatment is done, which makes it a great choice for an occasional treatment, or as a self-care treat.

Spa pedicures will cover the basic treatment of your feet including exfoliation and moisturisation, but take this even further, with the use of masks, hot stones and more. So, if self-care and relaxation is your priority, it’s definitely worth checking out this treatment.

Athlete’s pedicure

Next up, the athlete’s pedicure is another self-explanatory procedure, as it’s intended to treat the feet of athlete’s, who are known for pushing their body to its limits. It’s common for athletes, particularly runners, to come across concerns with their feet. This pedicure refreshes your feet and usually also involves sport massages to relieve the tension in your lower legs and feet.

This type of pedicure can vary greatly, depending on the specialty you choose. These treatments are tailored to you and our team can help you find a specific treatment that’ll suit your exact needs perfectly. However, if you’re an athlete in need of a foot refresh, it’s definitely worth checking this one out.

Paraffin pedicure

Lastly, the paraffin pedicure is a less conventional process, as it utilises a less common ingredient in the beauty industry – paraffin. In case you weren’t already aware, paraffin is a soft, waxy solid which is often used in candles as well as certain cosmetics. When it comes to a paraffin pedicure, the idea is to take advantage of the wax’s natural emollient properties to benefit your feet.

This spa procedure consists of applying warm, melted paraffin to the feet (and even sometimes the hands, too) and left to work its magic. The paraffin’s natural emollient properties mean it soothes and softens the skin on the feet and boosts hydration and moisture in the feet after the treatment is complete. It’s great for anyone on the hunt for baby soft feet.