Square – Hair Tip #36.5

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Comb your hair from the bottom upFor many people with curly hair, tangles and knots ae something that appears in their hair very often, and it can sometimes seem like a real battle when trying to tease these tough knots out of your hair, but there is actually a failproof technique for combing your hair that will ensure you remove any tangles. Luckily, it’s not too difficult, either, and doesn’t require any additional tools or equipment.The technique here is to brush your hair from the bottom upwards. By this, we don’t mean you need to back-comb your hair – that will cause even more problems – but in fact, to work through your hair in sections from the bottom to the top. If you want to find out how to brush your hair in this way, here are the steps to take:1. Start by creating imaginary dividers going up through your hair, like you’re splitting it into layers. About four of these ‘dividers’ should be enough.2. Work through your hair by combing it in these sections. In other words, start by combing the bottom section first and, once all the tangles are out here, move to the next one up and so on.3. Finally, brush your hair entirely from top to bottom, as you normally would, and it should be completely tangle-free and smooth.

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