Square – Hair Tip #36.6

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If you ever tried to grow your hair longer as a kid or wanted it to be shinier, straighter, or pretty much anything, your parents probably told you to get it cut. While this doesn’t make a lot of sense in some cases, getting a regular trim on your hair can do a world of good for it, even if you’re trying to grow it. If you leave your hair without getting it cut for a while and just let it grow, you’ll start to experience split ends and other breakage concerns coming into play with your hair. It will also look very dry and unhealthy at the very tips.

All you have to do in order to prevent any breakage or unhealthy lips on your curly hair, just get your hair cut regularly. The recommendation is at least every 6 weeks, if not more frequently. Remember, these trims don’t have to be very big, and they can just chop off a very small amount from the ends, but the benefits for your hair will be great.