Square – Hair Tip #36.7

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Have you ever comber through your hair just before going to bed, and made sure that it was perfect and tangle-free before you went to sleep, but then woken up in the morning to some serious bed head problems? Yes, this is something that happens to most people, and simply swapping your pillowcase can make a very big difference, even though you might not think so. The best pillowcases to use in terms of benefitting your hair (and they also help your skin, too) are those made from either satin or silk.

With a regular pillowcase, the fibres in the material are known to rub on the strands of your hair and cause friction between them in the night, as you toss and turn in your sleep. However, because of the silky, slippery soft nature of satin or silk, either of these materials works better for your hair during the night, as they both allow your hair to just slide across the surface, causing much less friction, which leaves you hair soft and shiny in the morning.

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