The Benefit of Hopi Ear Candles

If you’ve been up to date with your procedures on social media, you’ve probably seen Hopi ear candles before, even though you may not recognise the name. These ear candles are specially made and designed to extract earwax from your ears, and there are many satisfying videos of the process that you can find online. But do they really work?

The idea of these ear candles is that the flame at the top generates heat which malts the earwax in your ear and loosens it from the skin, making it easier to remove. Due to pressure inside the candle, the earwax is ‘sucked’ out from the ear and into the inside of the candle without anything needing to be pushed into the ear to remove earwax.

So, what are the benefits of this method of clearing earwax from the inside of the ears?

They’re more effective than using a Q-tip
So many people use Q-tips to remove earwax from their ears, unaware of how damaging that can really be for the ears, as it can pose some potential dangers. The truth is that using a Q-tip or anything similar to remove earwax from the inside of your ears can do more damage than good, as it pushes even more earwax further into your ears, and can eventually damage your ears. Plus, it’s not very effective at all.

However, the good news is that ear candles use the opposite approach to removing debris from the inside of the ears, using pressure instead, so there’s no danger of them pushing any more earwax further into your ears.

They’ll remove anything nasty from inside of the ears
Of course, the exact purpose for using an ear candle is to remove anything from inside of your ears, and you can be sure that any bacteria or other debris comes out from the ear canal. You may be horrified when you see what’s been hiding out in your ears!

They can improve hearing
Many people can experience hearing loss as a result of build-up of wax in the ear canal, along with other debris, and hearing loss can be disruptive in your life. However, ear candling removes anything from the ear canal, so anything which previously affected your hearing will be gone and you can say hello to clearer hearing.

They can treat colds, flu, headaches, and migraines
The final benefits we’ll talk about today is the power to treat colds and flus, along with headaches and migraines, just through ear candling. This all comes as a result of having a clearer ear canal and can prove to be a very helpful and effective treatment for many people.

Final thoughts
It’s clear to see that there are lots of benefits to using ear candles to remove the wax from your ears, but are you interested in trying them out for yourself? They’re a very interesting treatment to try, and you can always try it yourself at home if you’re curious.

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