Why We Love Electrolysis (And You Should Too!)

With so many different beauty treatments out there, it can be difficult to choose which you’re about to splurge on – we can’t try everything! Hair removal is a personal choice, from whether or not you choose to keep your body hair in the first place, to the method you select, if you do choose to remove your hair.

While you can opt for a more common option, such as shaving, it’s no secret that it comes with it’s disadvantages, and more effective treatments tend to come along with a higher price tag. One option you have in the way of splurging on your hair removal is electrolysis, which is a unique, however slightly pricier method.

Despite the price tag, we think it’s great, and so will you after seeing all its benefits!

What is electrolysis?

Before we take a look at its advantages, it’s helpful to know exactly what electrolysis hair removal is, and how it works. While it’s emerging as a more popular method within the luxury beauty industry, it’s still growing, and not many people know about it.

Essentially, electrolysis is a method of hair removal which uses electrical currents to target individual hairs, eventually destroying all the hairs in your chosen area. It utilises a device, which is usually used by a professional, and sends electrical currents through the hair as it targets it, and this current is passed down to the hair follicle. The hair follicle is the structure within the skin from which hair grows from.

Once it’s been attacked by the electrical current, the hair follicle is destroyed, destroying the root of growth of the hair. Because the hair root is destroyed, there is now no capacity for the hair to regrow, as the structure from which it would normally grow back can no longer function. This makes electrolysis a permanent solution.

Benefits of electrolysis

The results are permanent

Arguably the biggest factor which persuades people into choosing electrolysis hair removal is the permanent results – it’s a benefit which sets this method apart from others. For many of us, the idea of constantly having to keep up with a routine to keep body hair at bay can be frustrating and exhausting. Sometimes, you may just wish you never had it in the first place.

With electrolysis, it’s the closest you’ll get to never having had any body hair, as you won’t see it growing back any time soon. To put it into perspective, think about never having to suffer from shaving in the shower every other day, or never having to attend a single waxing appointment ever again. It’s tempting, right?

It’s cost effective

How much do you spend on razors and blade refills? Or the waxing appointments you regularly attend? The answer is probably more than you’d guess once you add up the cost of each individual treatment or tool. While these treatments may not seem so expensive per session, the cost soon climbs up as you pay for them repeatedly – think how much you’d spend if you were to continue with them for the rest of your life.

When it comes to electrolysis, the price isn’t cheap, but it’s more cost-effective than you’d think, especially for a permanent solution. Generally, you can expect to pay between $20-$100 for a single electrolysis session, and the price depends on how long the area you’ve chosen will take. But, once the treatment has been carried out, the results are permanent.

It’s the only FDA-approved permanent hair removal method

When new treatments, methods and processes emerge in the beauty industry, it can always be nerve-wracking to try them as they’re first released, as you may be doubtful of how effective they are, as well as the possible side effects they could cause. The FDA are a huge administrative organisation who are in charge of approving food, as well as treatments such as these.

Because electrolysis is FDA-approved, you can be confident that sufficient evidence proves this is a completely safe option, and it’s an officially recognised practice. This also means that any professional you visit to perform electrolysis will be well-trained, and therefore knowledgeable and trustworthy.

It’s not painful

So far, electrolysis may sound a little too good to be true, so surely it must be painful, right? In fact, despite how painful it may sound, the process generally isn’t too uncomfortable and unbearable – nothing like getting a tattoo, for example. While it’s not exactly the most comfortable procedure out there, it’s not specifically painful.

You may experience a little discomfort during the session; however, this is usually quite bearable, and not particularly unpleasant. If the session does become too painful, the professional will probably be able to apply some numbing cream or local anaesthetic to minimise discomfort until the electrolysis has finished.

It’s a healthier long-term option for your skin

Finally, you may be surprised to hear that electrolysis is actually a beneficial treatment for your skin, too. As well as obviously leaving it hairless and consequently smoother, electrolysis causes less damage to your skin than many other hair removal alternatives.

You may have noticed that your skin is more sensitive after a shaving or waxing session, and this is due to the moisture barrier of your skin which is disturbed during these treatments. However, when electrolysis isn’t an ongoing treatment like shaving or waxing, you don’t experience the same constant sensitivity, and therefore it’s a more gentle choice regarding your skin’s health.

Final thoughts

It’s easy to see why electrolysis is such a successful hair removal method, and it comes with so many benefits, it’s almost impossible to see why you wouldn’t be interested. If you’re looking for a more effective, permanent solution to your hair removal issues, it’s certainly an option worth considering. Why not take a look at where you can have an electrolysis appointment near you!